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izbell Buyer comes online but ignores me and dragged deal for months, kept on changing meetup as well when i was extremely flexible in my meetup schedule. Then gave me a neutral feedback saying I was understanding enough when I was already very patient. Not recommended, deal only if you dont mind wasting your time. Edit: you only informed me like a week before we actually met up....

hey there, my app has some problems with receiving notifications. however, got that problem fixed. great deal. edit: I agreed that you had a flexible schedule but I couldn't meet for most as I'm also busy. and I did not say you weren't understanding I said I wish you could be more. the idea of using Google to log in didn't really popped up but thanks for suggesting this. however I also did inform you about this problem before. more than a week actually


kaykrisha Very friendly seller who was accommodating when i couldn't meet her . Items were in perfect condition .Thank you❤


hiitsmee_ pleasant transaction thank u hope u like the items :)

> please read descriptions cuz it's kinda annoying to keep repeating when the information is there > if the item(s) are more than $10 you would need to transfer me half of the amt so that you won't last min cancel the deal,unless you have a good reason.
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