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Buy new or used maternity products and accessories in Singapore on Carousell

To all Singaporean moms and mothers who are worried about how they might look with a baby bump, don't worry. Nowadays, maternity wear in Singapore has progressed far, and mothers can now enjoy being fashionable even when they're pregnant with their babies.

The community of moms and mothers on Carousell sells a wide range of maternity clothes. Maternity wear usually lasts for nine months. Afterwards, they end up collecting dust and becomes a waste of space. If you're a mom, try selling your maternity clothes so you can empower other moms to have the pride to remain fashionable while pregnant too.

You can buy new or used maternity wear and clothes such as maternity dresses and maternity pants. If you're looking for an accessory to help make breastfeeding more convenient, search for nursing bras on Carousell, so it's easy while you're out. The maternity period isn't only about taking care of your baby. It's also about taking care of yourself. Besides, if you're not healthy, how can your baby be healthy too? So, buy yourself a pregnancy pillow to ensure you get the best possible sleep you can. You can even find maternity pads also to help with the bleeding from the womb.

A maternity wear collection that's gaining traction within the community of moms is the ASOS maternity collection. They combine style, comfort and convenience perfectly. So, many mom Carousellers are selling ASOS maternity on Carousell too.

Maternity also involves taking care of your baby and keeping them close. The best accessory that can help you achieve that is a baby carrier. The best baby carrier brands on Carousell are namely the Manduca baby carrier, the Tula baby carrier and the Ergo baby carrier. Another important thing in your arsenal would be a diaper bag. Babies need a change in diapers pretty often, and a handy diaper bag would be necessary. A favourite brand of diaper bags in Singapore would be Jujube due to its colourful and creative designs.