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ting1000 Made appt to meet at sk mrt at 8.15am and buyer responded and confirmed the appt via Carousell app and Sms. Upon reaching, msg him at his mobile and Carousell app with no response. Called him twice. First time he rejected my call. Second time no one picks up. I would think a basic courtesy to inform seller that you can’t make it or to pick up the call instead of making seller waiting for nothing.

Seller totally did not confirm that she was meeting me, asked her for a confirmation for the timing and she just went mia. I can show prove of the whole conversation and how she just did not confirm yet assumed that I cancelled her called.


snorlax.bigboy Very nice buyer bought me a drink on delivery look forward to future deals thanks!!


ahken83 Great buyer to deal with. positive feedback =D cheers

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Always posting amazing job offers ( both part time and full time jobs), do follow me and let your friends know about this account so that all your friends can be notified of new and exciting postings that you guys can work together as (:
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