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betta spitting food

bruh i got this betta that keeps spitting his food! i tried pellets and flakes. When i fed it bloodworms yeah it ate it so i bought a cup of it. But now it spits the worm out too. what does it mean holy shit im worried that its gon starve or some shit. It’s active n show no sign of illness

  • betta spitting food
  • betta spitting food
  • betta spitting food
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    Hello:) i see u have tried pallets and flakes are the blood worms freeze dried or frozen freeze dried causes constipation and bloating try frozen food (frozen brine shrimp frozen blood worms) when i got my betta he did spit his food out too but i kept on trying:) dont give up it takes time cause the pet stall may feed him different food from u maybe u can go back to the pet store ( place u got him) and ask for samples of what they feed him then slowly get him used to eating the pallets u provide him :) JIA YOU! Dont give up! His beautiful by the way:)
    last month
    Yup I agree! ^ anyway he is suffering from fin rot, please remember to change tank water regularly
    last month
    thanks guys! btw how can u tell if he has fin rot? :0
    last month
    U see the end of his fin is like abit chipped off and dry
    last month
    Mine also has similar problems. I came back from a vacation and it was kinda in the dark for 5 days and it was kinda starved and it’s just lethargic on the surface unless u disturb it. It’s really not eating and I’m worried too
    last month
    hi still available?
    25 days ago

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