11 days ago

bangkok brandy

hi! i’ll be heading to bangkok in dec (long time more i know😂) has anyone been to either of the brandy stores there? are they priced any cheaper than sg & are the stores bigger than the one in ion or ard the same size? :) do u think it’s worth visiting!

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yes their store is bigger than sg and slightly cheaper!
11 days ago
yep worth visiting :)
11 days ago
been there in March ! not sure about the exchange rate now but when I bought it it’s $1-$3 cheaper than in sg ! both of the brandy stores in bkk are bigger than the one in ion ! they have more variety of designs in bkk’s brandy !
11 days ago
some are cheaper some are more ex! like emerson skirts there are $3 more ex but some stuff is a few dollars cheaper! go to the siam center one haha its not crowded AT ALL
11 days ago
yeah some are cheaper and some more ex! and can also get tax refund tho if you spend a certain amount if i’m not wrong (i got like 5sgd worth of tax refund last year when i was there ahahah)
11 days ago
thank you ^^
11 days ago
yes, items r priced slightly cheaper & def worth a visit to either stores, some of the items they bring in r exclusive to the store/newer releases compared to sg!! also, if u r within the shopping belt, u can go to the siam center one, but if u stay somewhr arnd sukhumvit then u can go terminal 21 outlet instead!! both outlets r arnd the same size as the sg store too hope this helps!! :-)
11 days ago
thank u sm!! @bluevibes
10 days ago

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