8 days ago

do y’all dress up when u go to town area

not rlly related to brandy but just curious AHA dress up as in just put a little more effort into your outfit

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yES HAHA but thats cas i love dressing up and town is a rly gd chance to
8 days ago
^^ yup esp since i don’t rly have much time/the opportunity to dress up so whenever i go out esp into town i do HAHA
8 days ago
^!! yes samesame like most of us are still schooling right so like we dont really have alot of time to dress up:-(
7 days ago
yes! I love dressing up, especially when I’m heading to town HAHA i’m an overdress > underdress typa person
7 days ago
Yes but sg is too small to dress up on a daily basis
7 days ago
No i literally go barefaced with fbt and slippers 🙂 when yall start work yall will know 😭
7 days ago
sometimes yes but I mostly go to town in sch pe and fbt bc i mainly only go aft sch but sometimes I do go aft tuition on saturdays so yes!!!
7 days ago
yes! i rly like dressing up but i end up being too extra sometimes HAHA 🤡
7 days ago
yes every chance i get! but idk what to wear to non-town parts lol do u dress up when u go there
7 days ago
^^^ thanks for the responses ! interesting to read ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
7 days ago
not rly cos i stay near town!!! so it’s abit embarrassing when i run into ppl i know who r all so dressed up and i’m so dressed down
7 days ago

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