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Bt21 x nara home deco goods

Hi yalls! I’ve opened a po /go for official goods for the bt21 x nara home goods !! They’re super cute so if u’re int in getting them do check out my listing for it :D Tysm!

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hi ARMYs! i created this is a BT21 group to declutter bts/bt21 lol there’s just too much stuff. here are some ground rules for this group: 1. STRICTLY no listings/posts unrelated to both bts and bt21, you will be BLOCKED if caught 2. i highly discourage you sell bts stuff here, trying to keep it purely bt21, if i see too much of it, i wont block you but i will HIDE the post (there’s a bts group lol you can post there https://sg.carousell.com/g/bts_sg/) 3. both official and unofficial bt21 goods are fine but please DO STATE its authenticity CLEARLY its not nice to lie 4. for any inappropraite or misleading posts or wtv don’t hesitate to pm me to have them reported or blocked 5. for any mass orders or important and urgent posts you would like to have pinned, you can pm me as well 6. please avoid posting duplicates lol its annoying sorry for being a buzzkill but HAPPY SHOPPING user: kyutiepatootie

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