9 days ago

Love Yourself

I'm considering purchasing one of the Love Yourself Albums but not sure which to get. Which one do y'all think is more worth it or "better"? (the cheapest being "her" and priciest is "answer") if it helps im a big jungkook stan :>

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if u wanna go with the trend i think it wld be bttr to get the answer album but at the same time its pricey. if u wanna get affordable then i wld actually reccomend in getting tear or her since its quite cheap
9 days ago
i honestly will say ,, depending on which set u prefer the pcs , for example , i love 'her' ver o , v and e but for 'answer' i only prefer l and f , then ill go for the one which i prefer to collect
9 days ago
i prefer her🤧
9 days ago
depends on which versions you prefer.. if you like her versions more, get her! if you like answer more, get answer
9 days ago
ah ok, tysmmm <3
9 days ago

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