6 days ago

pls hmo

is it illegal to do meetups over the gantry?

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i don't think so but try not to because it might obstruct some people
6 days ago
yep it is illegal from what i hesrd and theres a fine of $1000?
6 days ago
im not sure do i think need to check on the smrt website
6 days ago
there's a fine!? omg I do deals at gantrys all the time 😂 oh no
6 days ago
thing is they dont impliment it soo
6 days ago
as long as no cash transactions and just passing of items is fine ;)
6 days ago
just don’t get caught tbh
6 days ago
theres actually a rule of no transation over gantry. i got warned by the mrt security guard before. but i think still ok ah if fast transaction.
6 days ago
Yes illegal but most staff just shut one eye but some are strict
6 days ago
i think can just play dumb if u get caught hahaha
5 days ago
got some mrt station block off the railings there so cannot do over gantry transaction, like at the downtown line stations
5 days ago

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