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sigh singpost

So my mo18 has arrived in sg since 10 aug and its still not delivered. Then i went to check weply it states: unsuccessful delivery, wrongly directed I WAS LIKE WTF HOW EVEN SG SO SMOL like okay korea obv has way more demands for delivery yet they can get their shits tgt and send out a damn parcel to another country in a day while singpost cant even deliver it in 4 days? U drive for 1.5hrs drop into the sea alr how long more can it take compared to SK? Sigh thres so many of u getting mo18 alr i wanna get mine too😭 and like i even saw a post saying the outbox + poster tube was dented?? Srsly man singpost needs to get their sht tgt im pissed

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try calling singpost !!!
11 days ago

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