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produce 101 notebooks by 8femmes

Hello, i am here to ask some questions about 8femmes notebooks. So this is the story.. I have bought 2 notebook($15) from 8femmes about 1 year ago and has already paid her through her bank account. Also, I have been asking her a few times about the conditions about the books but as she was working, she frequently reply late(its okay for mee as least she reply). However,i noticed that there have been no updates about the books thus wanted a refund from her. She replied but asked if could refund by bank account(but i dont have a bank account!!) of course i told her that but ever since that i dont get any replies... I know that she is working and is really busy, i understand that she can be late in replying back to me but i just cant help but be anxious about the notebooks or the money.. As a student, $15 is definitely not a small amount. Thus i want to ask if anyone has also bought the notebooks from her and get any recent replies from her as her last seen is 7 weeks ago.. Thank you for seeing my post!!! 💞

  • produce 101 notebooks by 8femmes
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