11 months ago

Any brand to Reccomend ?

Newbie biker ... wanna get a bike . Any brand and spec to look out for ?

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For starters you can get BTWIN from Decathlon it’s worth the price and reliable
11 months ago
Alrighty thanks
11 months ago
whats ur budget
11 months ago
Brands: Giant, Polygon, Trek, Scott Specs: 2x11 speeds
10 months ago
I have got a Pinarello Road bike for sale! 890$ only. Get this.
10 months ago
Recomend Tyrell FX Japan Handmade for sales. Matt Black colour.
10 months ago
What is your budget? For road or PCN use?
10 months ago
first , get the size , then choose a bike that is your type of riding style like this person said , road or pcn
9 months ago
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7 months ago
MTB or road bike or hybrid
6 months ago
Wann get my bike? My listing
5 months ago
my father is gg sell his bike..u can pm me
3 months ago
Anyone wants to get a foldable bike?I got a Dahon for sale at $250
3 months ago
Get a fix gear before going to a road bike it’s way easier that way. I recommend some unbranded fixed gears
3 months ago
you can buy a bikw that im selling right now
7 days ago
for fixed gears if your budget is lower than $500 than you can buy an aventon cordoba , airwalk , tsunami or unknown . this are good bikes for starters . you can try with a 48/17 for a chill ride or if you want to push yourself you can try a race gear like 48/15 or 16 . get a decent wheelset which is pretty smooth if buyingfrom carousell it is important to lookout for axel problem as itll make your life harder. thats all i can tell you from what i know thanks for listening to my tedtalk
7 days ago
if you are interested in fixed maybe you can buy aventon cordoba with velocity pursuit wheelset. buy maybe 3t ergonova pro if you want aerodynamics or just a legend longbar for chill rides. stem has different types of mm but i guess the recommended is arnd 80-100 so yeah!
7 days ago

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