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Rehoming my Terrapins

Im leaving Singapore so need to find a suitable home for my 3 male red eared sliders and their outdoor pond. We adopted them from others leaving singapore 4 years ago. If you have space in your garden or know where i could find a lovely home for them please contact me. I have listed them here. They must be home outdoors as they are used to it now and i would hate them to have to go back to tank living after their lovely life.

  • Rehoming my Terrapins
  • Rehoming my Terrapins
  • Rehoming my Terrapins
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    Snapping, biting, shy and a bit smelly - everyone had a friend who owned a terrapin just like this. Proper terrapin care involves maintaining a clean, friendly environment, regular veterinary care, and supplying your terrapin with a healthy diet. Take care of your pet terrapin and be a responsible pet owner. Buy and sell pet products for terrapin with fellow reptile pet enthusiasts in the community. Rules: 🔴 Strictly NO SELLING OF LIVE ANIMALS, or any kind of livestock. 🔴 No listing of irrelevant or duplicate listings. Members who do not adhere to the above rules will be removed and blocked from the group.

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