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Turtle Housing & Filteration

Hello, dan here! Just here to give you some tips. 1-4inch terrapins can live out there year in a tank that is around 2ft. Do not keep turtles outside when they are young as they are vulnerable to diseases, birds they are prey to everything. Great examples of filters for this set up is an internal filter like Hydra, which I use and it is a small hand-sized filter but has the power of a small canister with new technology. (PHOTO A) 4-6inch terrapins can be grown out to there next stage in life reaching semi-maturity. Overhead or canister filter would be highly recommended for this because of the fact that the amount of waste that they make, I have a canister and internal filter in my tank and it is clean, I recommend the Fluval 406 it is amazing for turtles (bio media, sponges, etc) The housing for this size I would highly not recommend keeping them in a tank, put them in a FGT (fibre glass tank) That is around 3-4feet depending on the amount of turtles you have. PHOTO B, widely available nearly at all LFS called Guppy FGT, multiple sizes. Turtles upwards of this size go into the breeding phase, with a 4-5ft tank or pond needed, once they reach this stage they need a big area to bask that has sand which will be for breeding otherwise it is unhealthy for the turtles they have been known to release their eggs in the water which is really bad for habits and physiologically. Having a sand bank that they can put there eggs in (you can take them out or not, just highly recommend having one), leaving them with enough water to cover their shells fully, the turtle should need to not be able to touch the plasteron (belly) to the top, using there feet to push themselves to get air is great. Once they get to this size I highly recommend a big canister filter as well as a proper water movement system and an internal filter to collect the little bits of waste. BRANDS I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Hydra and Oceanfree Hydra is expensive but it has the highest quality stuff. Oceanfree has affordable things which are great for turtles. The distributor for both of these are QIAN HU CORPORATION located around CCK/Sungei Tengah, on Jalan Lekar. Eheim is bad there is no doubt about it, for how much they charge you are not getting what you pay for do not recommend. FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME VIA ONE OF MY ADS IF YOU NEED ANY HELP WITH ANY ANIMALS/REPTILES, I have experience and I know how to treat and care for most species of reptiles and aquatics (I specialise in turtles & tortoises from the USA)

  • Turtle Housing & Filteration
  • Turtle Housing & Filteration
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