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hafiz990 Sale defect item not mentioned. And item is very dirty did not clean before sale I just throw way the item. Before buy test the item and see the condition. I was in rushing so I did not check. Sale man should mention if his item has problems, cannot hide the problem then sale the item to someone.. it's wrong

I turned the item on in front of buyer, to show that it was working. No defect. As I took it out of the bag, he knew exactly what he was getting before he paid me, it was used but in working condition. Left me bad feedback because I didn't answer to his demand to give him a good feedback. If there was an issue, he was more than welcome to return it to me and get his $10 back.


spacepants Awesome and very punctual couple! Very nice talking to them and I hope you guys enjoyed the flight! Fly safe w your new Drone! Thank you!

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