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“Earth” Elemental Crystal Bag


5 months ago by shimmernlight








You are purchasing for the exact pieces of tumbled crystals shown. Only 1 set available for $34 Each stone in the crystal bags are intuitively picked and matched to create a set of beautiful energy for your well-being. Note: If this bag sells out and you are interested in a remake, please know that price may be slightly higher or lower depending on the size of stones available. 💜This crystal bag is specially created by the elemental sign of Earth. If you are missing the earthy energy in your life, you may feel the lack of control, security, stability, decisiveness and patience. Having an adequate balance of the Earth energy, helps to ensure you are in control, feel safe, and protected. I have balanced the energy with the compassionate Unakite and passionate Red Garnet to spice things up a little, especially the vital energy, motivation while still being in control of life. For Crystal names and individual descriptions, kindly refer to the image shown. ❓Ways to Use 1) Place in your handbag/pocket and carry them around 2) Place it on the office table where you can see, hold it whenever required 3) Use them as sleeping stones - Put them under the pillow or beside the bed (only applicable to sleeping/ease anxiety stones) ❓What to do after receiving the stones 1) Hold them to your chest and ask for positive aids you need help with (DO NOT say stuff you don’t want) 2) Remember to say “Thank You” once it’s done and you’re good to bring it with you on your journey ***DO NOT let others touch your crystals ❗️There’s no need to cleanse the stones again as I’ve done it and have instilled with Peace and Harmony, Love and Light. Cleansing will only be required again after weeks or if you feel that the crystals look dull. There’s no fixed date to do so. Check out our faq post for instructions.

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