▲BN Religious Prayer Scripture Holy Water Spray Bottle Waterbottle▲


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⭐★ 🌟 READY STOCKS!! 🌟 ★⭐ 🌟 Quality transparent bottle designed with Buddhist religious Tibetan mantra symbol. Plastic bottle has secure screw on spray nozzle with lock machinism to prevent any leakage during transportation. Easy to clean nice size light weight water bottle ideal for religious use. Bottle measure: 20cm height 4.5cm width. 🌟 ▲ Postage not included. ▲ Meet up/self collection available. ▲ Bank transfer via POSB savings. ▲ Post within 2 days after receiving payment. Tags: prosperity auspicious, Chinese asian oriental eastern, zen, symbolism, religion, ceremony, festival, 辟邪阴阳, buddhist, taoist, tibet tibetan, nepal, guanyin guan yin, kwan ying, kuan, 观音菩萨, 神像佛像, Buddhism, buddah buddha, previous, feng shui, fengshui, 风水, 心经, zen, sutra, meditation, karma, teaching, divination, birthday, 金刚经, 属, 十二生肖属, qingming qing ming, 清明节, 扫墓, ancestors, radio, chant verse, holy, joss stick paper, statue, porcelain ceramic, monk nun, Dalai lama, teacher guardian, prediction, talisman charm, spiritual, soul, celestial, gods deities, devine, holy, new year cny, amithabha, unisex, compact portable handy, hot cold, drinks drinking, metal filter, heat resistant proof, capacity, hand carry, h2o beverage, exercise, gym, office, reusable, durable.