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⭐★ 🌟 READY STOCKS!! 🌟 ★⭐ 🌟 Exquisite quality titanium pendant religious engraved mantra with ball bearing metal chain. Measurement: 5cm height x 2.8cm width. Pendant can be worn as jewellery or carry as protection talisman, available in either 大悲咒 or 心经. 🌟 ▲ Postage not included. ▲ Meet up/self collection available. ▲ Bank transfer via POSB savings. ▲ Post within 2 days after receiving payment. Tags: auspicious prosperity, traditional tradition, Chinese asian eastern oriental, fengshui, feng shui, cny new year, religious religion, alter temple, ritual offering, collectibles, accessories accessory, sacred, deity gods celestial, Buddhism, buddhist buddah buddha, taoist, tibet tibetan, nepal, long strand, chain, rope string, unique, devine spiritual symbolic, zen, lucky good luck, abundance money, fortune wealth, job career, business, butterfly, display figurine statue ornament, jewel jewellery, monkey, the great compassion mantra, heart sutra, silver, ceremonial, ceremony, music song radio, shrine, blessed, charm, incense stick cone powder coil, holy, glass mug cup bottle, wax dragon candle, oil lamp, guanyin kwan ying, guan yin, 观音菩萨, 神像, joss paper, cleanse, burn smoke, medicine medicinal, herbal, lunar, divination, Bodhisattva, amithabha.