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☃☃Snow Algae Gluta Soap ❄❄ ❤❤HIGH Quality Soap Innovation of Anti-aging ❤❤ 📌📌Snow Algae is imported from Switzerland, got European Cosmetic Awards (Beat Active ingredient) 🎯🎯Benefits of using Snow Algae Gluta Soap: This product mainly contains SNOW ALGAE, Golden Collagenine and high quality ingredients that help wrinkle removing, acne removing, brighten scars and marks and improve skin renewal for clear. Suitable for men and women with all skin types👪👍👍 ✔✔Ingredients: Snow Algae Extract, Coconut Oil, Virgin Rice Bran Oil, Vitamin B3 Vitamin C & E, Glutathione, Rice Milk Extract 📣📣HARRY GRAB FOR PROMOTION📣📣 1 FOR S$6.90 2 FOR S$10

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