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⚠ Advanced Warfare sealed pieces can be purchased @$39 each while Black ops 3 sealed pieces can be purchased at $47! Infinite Warfare sealed pieces are available at $50! Legacy Edition @ $70! Ghosts @ $45! 👍 Buy all 4 at $170 only (Excluding Legacy)! 💪 Buy Legacy Edition and one more other copy to receive $5 off total payment! 😃 ⚠ Pre-order! 50% deposit is required. Pre-order early as it only comes on weekends! -Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter video game and has alot of thrill in it! 💪 -Fear not, the detail in the graphics, especially the characters like Kevin Spacey's and other NPCs are remarkable and are getting close to mimicking real life! 😱 Thus, you can definitely look forward for the gameplay! 😃 -Drop a PM for any enquiries! ✉

Deal Options


Queenstown MRT Station (EW19), Singapore

Meet up at Queenstown to Yew Tee MRT stations. You can recommend your other favourite/convenient stop and I will consider it.

Mailing or Delivery

Normal Mailing at $2! Registered postage at additional $4!