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No Trade. No Bargain. No Discount. No Meet At Other Places Except Below Stated. •Condition : New. •Size Of Each Piece : 6cm x 10.5cm. •No Customization. •Details : Can stick on body or on any flat waterproof surfaces or on handphones casings for decorations. The tatoos are removable & washable. The size is stated in the picture. Suppose to be sweatproof & waterproof, may last more than few days if no or least contact with water if possible. To start, cut out the specific design you want. Peel off the clear plastic sheet protecting the picture. Then face the picture down on the skin. Use wet cloth or sponge to damp the backside paper facing up. Dab evenly for at least 10-15 seconds for small tattoo design. Make sure the whole piece is damp enough. When ready, slowly peel off the backside paper. Your tattoo should now stuck nicely on the skin. To remove, use alcohol based or oil based lotions/creams to do so. ✔Price : For 1 Piece. ✔Meetup : Pinnacle, Cantonment Road Bus-Stop. Weekdays 7pm-9.30pm. Saturdays & Sunday Mornings. ✔Normal Mail : $1 Onwards.

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Blk 1F Pinnacle@Duxton, Singapore

No Trade. No Negotiation. Meet At The Bus Stop.

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