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------------------------------------------------ 💡LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Check out our other listings for various current trending products on SALE here >> Remember to LIKE the listings and Follow us! We are constantly loading up new interesting listings and you can be part of this circle to be kept in the loop for latest product trending GLOBALLY! Hit us back for more information. :) ------------------------------------------------ Shopping Centres Best & Harviy Selling $159.00 YOU are buying $59.00! We skip the middle man commission so you you don't have to pay more for the same thing!! In Stock! Self Collection or add $4.90 doorstep delivery by Ninja Van or Qxpress available with tracking number. PULLMAN® AIRECARE STERILIZER FEATURE Portable & Compact Patent design for Car especially in Singapore. Reduce Harmful airborne germs, allergens & Odours. Improve up to 99.95% of car cabin air quality. Freshen air quality by means of negative ion productions and release. Fitted with Air Quality Sensor to indicate current air quality. Enable auto Sterilization and sanitization. DC Brushless Motor (Premium). PULLMAN® CAR STERILIZER empowered car owner the choice to enjoy safe and quality clean airon and protect their love ones whilst on the go. Designed to compliment and blend seamlessly with today's modern design of a car interior, one can be assured of an exceptionally user experience. Start protecting your love ones from harmful airborne germs, allergens, and unpleasant odour with its ultimate 5-stage advance filtration technology system. Equipt with state of the art technology to produce millions of negative ions means you and your love ones will be able to relieve the fresh air akin to nature. Uber intelligent smart Air Quality sensor will provide a quick indication of the air quality surrounding you complete with a DC brushless motor. But that is not all! PULLMAN® Car Sterilizer also comes with air sterilization capacity and surface sanitization when you are away living it up (away mode). CLEAN THE ATMOSPHERE IN YOUR CAR Providing superior air purification, surface sanitization & sterilization. Airbone and surface bounded contaminants in your car can be effectively grab and eradicated, resulting with fresh crisp and clean air whilst you are on the road. PURIFY Breather well without having the worry about allergens (airbone) and the dreaded germs. Equipped with 99.97% state of the art HEPA filter, Granular Activated Carbon and the combining effects of a UV lamp and Titanium Dioxide Filter, millions of excited negative ions will effectively eliminate harmful pollutants, airbone germs and allergens IONIZE Bust and indulge in a calming effect. Breathe well with the semi-permanent build in ionizer, providing everyone in the car the ideal air quality. Producing more than 10 million nagative ion per cubic cm, the airbone allergens and germs will be eradicated. Negative ions are also known to aid in stress relieve, boost well being and enhance the ability to focus and alertness. STERILIZE Within a controlled concentration threshold, ozones are produced from thedischarge module. This incredible oxidation capacity of the ozone provides highly effective odour controls and eradicate airbone and surface bound germs such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. SANITIZE Providing highly effective surface sanitiation. Upkeep hygiene level of contact surce in the car. The advance discharge module will boost for a more effivient and detailed sanitization If you have not get one, what is stopping you? Great use for car owners as accesories and air purifier, taxi , etc 💡LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Check out our other listings for various current trending products on SALE here >> Hit us up for more info. 😊 Compliment your daily vacuum routine with full spin mop that solves all your mopping headaches. Great for busy owners with babies or toddlers. Even better for pet owners too. If you feel your dog, cats, bird, parrots are creating a mess, this is the tool for you. Also, like the rest of us, if you like this product, you will also like the rest of our BOOMJOY and TOPOTO Z8, SEEBEST, DIBEA product ranges like robot vacuum cleaner, brooms for sweeping, spray mop, window cleaning, toilet cleaner. We even have laptop holders, laptop monitor arm, and monitor riser for all computer users too. For those that own cars / bikes and love road trips, check out our walkie talkie range. Great for use as cars accessories or simply toy with it. Don't forget our Pullman Fans, bladeless ones, air circulator are also on SALE! FREE DELIVERY!

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Meet Up Details ( cash only) Address: Ubi Avenue 4 #03-29 singapore 408830 Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm Saturday: Subject to availabilty appointment only. Sun & Public Holiday Closed. Please contact us before coming so we can ensure stock availability Cash Terms only. * If you are driving/cab/uber/grab, you may drive up to #03-29 and stop the car at the doorstep. For Doorstep Deliver ( Ninja or Qxpress) If you meet certain minimum order ( reasonable). we absorb the delivery charges so you no need pay for it. This means FREE DELIVERY! Ask us for it. or Add $3.90 for Delivery by QXPRESS Company. We will provide tracking number within 2 working business hours after we receive payment via Bank transfer POSB or UOB Bank.

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Add $3.90 for Delivery by QXPRESS Company. We will provide tracking number within 2 working business hours after we receive payment via Bank transfer POSB or UOB Bank.