*✲゚* nature post its *✲゚*


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floraison stationary is now available !! cute cute cute stationary !! super cheap and affordable too ~~ very useful for notes making if you are a student and gives you motivation to study haha also good for reminders and to do lists !! get yours now ;) designs ; all shown above in third and fourth picture ! *✲゚*。✧ buy with friends !! *✲゚*。 PROMO : buy any 3 post its for $9.50 (original $10.50) buy any 5 post its for $16 (original $17.50) dm for more photos or questions !! - hui ꒰◍•ᴗ•◍꒱ p/s this is preorder guys !!! waiting time should be 1-2.5 weeks max !! *✲゚*。✧ tags ! *✲゚*。 stationary post it sticky note notebook notepad note cheap affordable cute promo promotion pen pencil muji daiso japan korea molang gudetama cosmos galaxy variety fruit creative message notes stickers adorable nice pretty durable gradient small big food flower wreath garlands floral pattern circle shaped leaves leaf nature scenery scenic