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I dont used to posted bad feedback about buyer, even the buyer was a rude or unreasonable like him, but he claim himself as a "disadvantaged party" and dare to give me a negative feedback, so I have to clear my name!!!!! 😑😑😑 You are lucky if i dont leave u a neg feedback but u force me to do this. Firstly, 1. Deal at 28may2017, and paid on the next day, is good, but doesnt mean u can step on seller head, collecting by 15june2017. (More than a months) Your $13 can make me rich issit?? If im dishonest seller, i will block u straight after received your payment, BUT I DIDn't, yet always asking him for the collecting day after he himself cancel it few times and forgot. (See the chat) 2. He claimed and leave me a negative feedback said that he was waiting for me 30min, no reply and no show up, but IN FACT ( He never inform seller in advance or telling me exact day or date to collect, suddenly message " i reach your block ", how am i suppose to know you are collecting without inform, yet dare to claim himself wait for 30min n no reply πŸ€”) 3. somemore said 2nd meetup Im "LATE"???? Eh hello, im waiting u to came to my place wait for u downstair my block, yet said me late??? Im wait for u u know, not u wait for me OLDMAN!!! What joke u talking OLDman!! Boring with ur life issit?? εŽ»ζ­»ε•¦οΌ I did say, I am mostly at home as I am Stay At Home Mom, but doesn't mean I wont going out on the weekend or wat, and I did mention to every buyer, just beep me in advance when to collect!! How UNREASONABLE person still exist in this world? Still blame ppl for your own STUPIDITY?? Shame on you BLOODY OLD MAN!! Will give u a famous!! πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ–•πŸ»

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