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❗IN STOCK❗️ ON HAND❗️ ️Available Sizes 🔸Extra Small 🔸Small 🔸Medium 🔸Large 🔸Extra Large 🔸 2 Extra Large ❗️Available Colour 🔸Black 🔸Beige ❗️Description 🔸High quality and imported 9 steel latex waist trainer 🔸More compression for faster results 3 rows of adjustable hooks 🔸Compression material 🔸Workout waist trainer 🔸It’s steel bones are flexible and durable. It can bend easily but recover quickly to origin. 🔸Very comfortable to wear all day and improves your posture for an elegant look. 🔸100% latex material 🔸Choose one size smaller from your natural waistline 🔸1 day reservation only. 🔸We will ship the item a day after the payment has been verified. ❗️Payment thru bank transfer ❗️It is very important to choose the correct size: 1. Find the top of your hip bone 2. Find the bottom of your ribs 3. Place a tape meaasure in between these 2 areas and wrap it around your waist. Preferably a cloth measure as it will move around your body much easier than a metal or hard measurement tool. Don’t let it be slack but not too tight either. Then choose one size smaller from your natural waistline. ❗️RETURN & EXCHANGE: Waist Trainers are not allowed to be returned for change of mind or exchanged due to the nature of the product (undergarment) so please choose your sizing correctly. ❗️For Mailing 🔸Regular Mail - 2sgd 🔸Registered Mail - 4sgd ❗️Meet up 🔸Weekdays: 6:30-8PM Sommerset 7:30-9PM Woodlands 🔸Weekends: Woodlands; at my convenience

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Woodlands Checkpoint (Causeway), Singapore

❗️Depends on my availability ❗️Self collect at Woodlands

Mailing or Delivery

Additional 3sgd regular mail