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💌 Social Media for Trainers - Techniques for enhancing and Extending Learning by Jane BOZARTH @ $35 (purchase price $70) - As good as NEW! This key resource offers a new set of powerful tools for augmenting and enhancing the value of your training. 💌 How to become a RAINMAKER - The rules for getting & keeping customers & clients @ $10 Rainmakers are not born. They are made. And Jeffrey Fox's powerful HOW TO BECOME A RAINMAKER will get you there. Filled with smart tips given in the Fox signature style, counter-intuitive, controversial, and practiced, this hard-hitting collection of sales advice shows readers how to woo, pursue, and finally win any customer. In witty, succinct chapters, Fox offers surprising, daring, and totally practical wisdom that will help readers rise above the competition in any company in any field. A terrific resource for CEOs, as well as anyone looking to distinguish themselves in sales—be it books, cars, or real estate—How to Become a Rainmaker offers the opportunity to rise above the competition in any company, in any field. 💌 Your Guide to Sexual Happiness - A sexual enrichment programme for today's singles and committed couples by Dr. V. Atputharajah @$10 A journey in a sexual self-discovery for all who desire more meaningful relationships. Dr V. Atputharajah is a consultant in the Dept of Reproductive Medicine in KK Hospital, Singapore specializing in sexual medicine and human sexuality. He has written on the subject in several journals and books. 💌 The New Get Back into Your Jeans Diet by Monica Grenfell @$10 Lose a Dress Size in One Month What do you really want out of a diet? Gain Confidence, Forget your weigth worries, and never look back! Monica Grenfell is the News of the world diet and fitness expert, read by millions. She is also the author of the bestselling Five Days to a Flatter Stomach, Fabulous is a Fortnight, The Best Your Body Chaos Diet and Cellulite Buster. 💌 Women of Spirit: Stories of Courage from the Women Who Lived Them @ $10 Thirty-five women who succeeded in making a difference in the world relate their experiences in this inspiring collection. Katherine Martin introduces each first-person account with background information on the writer and the obstacles she faced. Lesser-known heroines include Debra Williams, who blew the whistle on medical malpractice in a midwestern prison; Sonya Bell, a blind teenager who became an award-winning runner; and Carrie Barefoot Dickerson, who stopped the construction of a nuclear power plant. Other stories, told in their own words, are about SARK, Judith Light, Julia Butterfly Hill, Joan Borysenko, Geraldine Ferraro, Iyanla Vanzant, and others. "The fire of inspiration the common experiences we share, in our common desire to act as if everything we do matters. And it's right here in the pages of Women of Spirit. Maybe you'll recognise the woman you are, maybe you'll find the woman you want to be. Either way, the stories will inspire you." - Anita Roddick, OBE, founder, The Body Shop 💌 The Second Book of the Tao @ $12 This book is a twenty-first-century form of ancient wisdom, bringing a new, homemade sequel to the Tao Te Ching into the modern world. Readers who are familiar with the Tao De Ching but don't yet know the Chuang-Tzu or the Chung-Yung, or who having dipped into them, were discouraged by their unevenness, are in for a treat. Naturally, since all 3 texts tell of the Tao that can't be told, there are passages in the second book of the Tao that overlap with the Tao De Ching. But even these passages may strike you as revelations, as if some explorers had discovered a trove of unknown Lao-Tzu Scrolls, buried in the desert cave. And there is much that will be entirely new: meditations on dreams, death, language, the I and the other, doing and not-doing, the origin of the universe, the absolute relativity of things. 💌 A brief Guide to Cloud Computing - An essential guide to the next computing revolution by Christopher BARNATT @ $12 (purchased at $24 - as good as NEW!) In this invaluable guide, expert Christopher Barnatt explains how computing will rapidly become more reliable, less complex and more environmentally friendly. He explores online software and hardware and how it will alter your office work and personal lives. Individuals and Companies are going to be released from the constraints of desktop computing and expensive corporate data centres. New services like augmented reality will also become available. 💌 A Manager's Guide to Social Media by Scott KLOSOSKY @ $15 (purchased at $30 - as good as NEW!) Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have changed everything. Some managers fear their employees will waste time using online social media. Smart managers, though understand that social media is a powerful tool for engaging customers and growing their business. Manager's guide to Social Media is a primer on the biggest thing in business since the internet itself, helping you successfully implement social media technologies in the workplace. Learn how to: * Manage your company's online reputation * Set Internal policies on the proper use of social media * Build "rivers" of information to outsmart competition * Implement social tools internally to support virtual teams * Forecase the next trends in social media

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