⭕WHAT IN UR POUCH⭕*RESTOCK MONTHLY: FRESH BOUTIQUE = LATEST MANUFACTURED DATE (Active Ingredients)* Xiaoahgal ❤ AUTHENTIC Jill Stuart & Laduree Products Pouch! Using almost head to toe/use Jill Stuart/Laduree Pouch to store (No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse)


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🍒 HALF size of actual product: GREAT for travelling/in comestic make up pouch/Trying out!! 🍒 (so light & handy) 🐰❤ ➡ HALF size Lip gloss N/Lip plump Oil/Forever Oil rouge/Loose Powder N/Pure Lasting tone up base/ Moisture 99% primer base/Mascara/ eye & lips Make up remover/White Floral Handcream/Laduree Handcream/ Crystal Bloom Eternal Dazzle body lotion/ White Floral 10ml VIP packaging Roll On Perfume etc (CHAT with Xiaoahgal TODAY!!) ❤🐰 ⭕WHAT IN UR POUCH⭕ ♬ "What is in your pouch?" ~~~ ♬ "What is in your bag?"~~~ ♬ "What is in your Dresser?"~~ ♬ "What is your room tour?"~~ 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 🐰: "Xiaoahgal appreciates every little thing in life. THANKS for treating Xiaoahgal as your friend~~ " 🐰 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Xiaoahgal ❤ AUTHENTIC My Melody, Jill Stuart & Laduree Make Up Comestics! ➡ share with Xiaoahgal what is inside your pouch or bag! ➡ Always change pouch but cherishing each & every pouch 🎀 RESTOCK MONTHLY for make up 🎀 (making sure its FRESH) ✔FRESH FROM BOUTIQUE = LATEST MANUFACTURED DATE (Active Ingredients) ✔No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse 🐰 AUTHENTIC 🐰 BRAND NEW 👍👍 🐰 No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse 🐰- "Xiaoahgal always has this habit to pack and re pack my bag's items. Is it the same with you? What are the items u bringing out?" 🐰- Items inside my pouch: - Ladurée Touch up foundation/ Face powder/lip stain/Lip balm/blusher/conditioner lip/eyebrow palette etc - Jill Stuart Everlasting polish powder/9 colors blusher/ Forever oil rouge/Lip essence Xiaoahgal ❤ AUTHENTIC Jill Stuart, Laduree AND Sanrio Original Hello Kitty & Mymelody items!! ~ 🐰❤ CHAT WITH XIAOAHGAL TODAY ❤🐰 Type: Bag Brand: SANRIO ORIGINAL Material: Others

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