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五帝钱Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian)


11 months ago by david.chua




CONDITION :HIGH GRADE 五帝钱(Wu-Di Qian) 9sets available 五帝钱(Wu-Di Qian)sold Three sets 6 sets available Goods are 100% guaranteed genuine. We don't sell any fake items. 五帝铜钱是指清朝时期顺治、康熙、雍正、乾隆、嘉庆五个皇帝的铜钱,具有挡煞、防小人、避邪,旺财之功效。 Qing Dynasty 5 Emperor Coins for Feng Shui (Wu-Di Qian), VF Condition. Or called "Five-Di Coins", "Five Emperor Coins", "Wu-Di Qian", minted by five great emperors of China's Ch'ing Dynasty Emperors. VF condition, please refer picture. This item includes five different brass coins: (1) Shun-Zhi Tong-Bao (AD 1644-1661). (2) Kang-Xi Tong-Bao (AD 1661-1722) (3) Yong-Zheng Tong-Bao (AD 1723-1735) (4) Qian-Long Tong-Bao (AD 1736-1795) (5) Jia-Qing Tong-Bao (AD 1796-1820) The combination of these 5 coins is regarded as great Feng Shui (Great Luck) in traditional Chinese Culture. Please note that all of the coins of this item are real coins with 200-300 years history. If you use counterfeit coins, there will be no luck! Give your home or office a classic Oriental touch with this item, which can be used in numerous ways. You can hang it along with your framed pictures, you can place in on your desk as a luxurious paperweight or you can even just place in on your mantle as a unique and quirky objet d'art! 如何分辨五帝钱真假,五帝古钱是指在中国历史上最兴旺時代流通的古钱,原因是真的古钱经过几百上千年的展转流传,曾遭亿万人使用过,故有特殊的能量,而且這五个皇帝是在位于中国汉代唐代清代较为兴旺时代,集天、地、人于一气,因此具有化煞聚财的作用。当然,假的古钱就没有化煞聚财的作用了,那怎样分辨五帝钱的真假了?那下面小编就给大家介绍分辨五帝钱真假原方法。作者:震智师傅 如何分辨五帝钱真假 1.古钱的边缘比较圆滑,在长期使用过程中,边缘被磨得多,所以比较圆滑,假钱都是一批造出来的,边缘没经过处理,有明显的直角 2.古钱上的文字不是很规整,有铜锈,但不是亮绿色,而是很暗的绿,两个假币互相磨擦后,可看出很新的铜色。 3.古钱比假钱厚,当时的造钱技术不如现在,造不出比较薄的钱 五帝钱镇煞之化解 1.反弓路:主损耗财气,居之不安。 2.暗沟煞:令人财来财去守不住财 3.房门对房门:主易招口舌是非。 4.房门对厨房:主车祸、血光之灾。 5.安神明炉内;可辟邪兼旺家运、财运。 6.摆放金库或收款机内,可增进财富。 7.房门对厕所门:主暗疾、泌尿系统毛病。 8.带身上有利牌运、偏财运,具提升运气和招财功用。

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