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Winter December Mocha of Love 爱の摩卡 INSTRUCTION: 1 sachet before breakfast, mixed with 100ml (warm water) For those who have gastric: 1 sachet after breakfast, mixed with 150ml warm water - *Drink more water EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS: Coffee Powder, Unsweetened cocoa powder, Caralluma Fimbriata extract, Green Tea Leaves Extract (Camillia Sinensis), Ginger Root, Extract (Zingiber officinale), Fructooligosaccharides, Stevia Extract, Whole milk powder. NUTRITIONAL FACTS: One Sachet:15gm Servings per box:12 sachets Energy:63kcal Carbohydrate:10.8g Protein :0.5g Fat:1.7g Sugar:1.6g UNSUITABLE GROUP & PRECAUTION: 1. People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cerebrovascular disease. 2. Those who are under a physician's care for any medical condition should first consult their physician before using this product. 3. Women in pregnancy, breastfeeding or lactation. 4. People under the age of 18 or above 60. 全方位创新瘦身摩卡 Winter December Mocha of Love ★你一定没见过瘦身产品可以如此有时代感。 ★你一定没尝试过坐着躺着站着都流汗。 ★你一定没想到瘦身原来可以是那么地简单。 超强主打全新强风创新瘦身咖啡Winter December Mocha Of Love 爱の摩卡自面市以来不断获得好评.价格便宜不在话下,最重要的是它很快就能见效成功帮助大家解除肥胖问题,爱の摩卡也因此荣升瘦身界新宠儿! 【 主 要 功 效 】 ✔ 促進新陳代謝 ✔ 燃燒脂肪 ✔ 减少吸收多余卡路里 ✔ 解决水肿困扰 ✔ 针对性消除手部小腹以及大腿脂肪 ✔ 重塑腰线、大腿以及小腹尺寸 【 成 份 】 1. 咖啡,可可 2. 印度卡拉鲁玛仙人掌 3. 绿茶叶提取物 4. 姜根萃取物 【 注 意 事 项 】 生病/经期必须停服,经期停服为6天左右,1个月为2盒(24包) 【 服 用 方 法 】 ✿ 每天早上空腹喝一包 ✿ 100ml溫水沖泡(低於攝氏80'c) ✿ 20分鐘后即可用早餐 ✿ 建议每天必须喝不少过2公升的水以达到更佳瘦身效果 <JUNE PROMO IS READY> 《六月促销活动开始》 BUY MORE SAVE MORE!!! 多买多回扣!! 2 box = $ 4 box = $$ 6 box = $$$ 8 box = $$$$$

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Mrt : Serangoon, Ang Mo Kio or Bugis

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