出售 FOR SALE: D19 五房式 5room HIP 翻新组屋 HDB 实龙岗四道 Serangoon Ave 4: 宽敞舒适 Spacious 5 room 中高楼 High Floor 私人角落 Corner Unit With Direct Lift Access 电梯楼层 Chinese family 家主华族人


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Blk 216 Serangoon Avenue 4 S550216 (Serangoon Estate) District 19 Type 屋类: HDB 5I Apartment For Sale 心选爱窝 Size 狂度: 122 sqm (Improved), 1302.43 sqft Features 特点: 1 Master bedroom 主人睡房, 2 other bedrooms 卧房, 1 balcony by entrance adjoining living hall 门开迎面正是室内走廊和大厅, 1 storeroom 橱藏室 (w/o bomb shelter 无防空豪)adjacent to kitchen 靠厨房. Direct lift access 电梯楼直接到达大门,及方便又无挡 Owner: Chinese family 华族普通人家背景,无宗教信仰 Tenure 屋契: 99-year Leasehold (from 1985) Developer 建屋局: Housing & Development Board Furnishing 装饰: lightly furnished no built in fixtures 无钉橱定墙角,可任意装修做合法改格 Floor Level: mid-upper-high floor 中高楼 HIP 已翻新: HDB Home Improvement Programme completed in last quarter 2016 去年刚翻新 (brand new as of upgraded unused sanitary facilities for both washrooms) 两个厕所洗手间双双翻新全新有助手扶持设备安置。 Rare & exclusive: UNBLOCKED frontal & bedroom view 前后空气流通,毫无遮拦,光线充足,风气舒适,平民心目中优选良宅 No odd neighbour’s mirrors directed at the main door. Brightly-lit maindoor, safe and no hidden corners. 大门光明无阻,屋居者前途光明装大无量。No religious counter reflective religious mirrors. No joss smell and no incense drifts, or religious bell going off at routine hours daily. No sight of crosses or religious embodiments. 无他人拜拜装设反照邪镜,无日夜烧香熏味苦痛,无印籍大象或天主叉叉问题。No excessive uncalled for corridor camera eyes watching over. 无电眼多多造成心不安,只有建屋局电梯电眼护着你 。No jungle forestations along corridors. 无走廊深林般盆栽挡路。 Precinct 宫内: clean, clear, pristine: easy renovation with minimal decoration 家户室内环境清洁温馨,宽大活动自如。 Eligibility 可考虑者: All Races and Permanent Residents can buy 各种族新加坡人民或永久居民可购买 Privacy 个人隐私: Corner Unit within immediate lift lobby access, be spoilt with choices of 3 lifts to choose from, no door to door facing of neighbours, 好隐私,三部电梯可任选,无我门对他门双冲,各离梯级的近邻友善好搭讪,bright ambience 光鲜如意, windy & soothing air flow throughout the day 风势顺心,无噪音安静心平,少尘埃无须多劳。 Do contact 91234324 reachable from 7-9 pm only 可联络 91234324 晚间限七到九点 (中英贯通) .........Open house on Sundays................ ..房屋开放参观只限周日方便, 午候过三时为佳... Accessibility 出入便利: 0.86km from Serangoon MRT NE12, 1 taxi stand near the block, stone throw away from bus stops with numerous bus services 出入方便,交通四通八达,巴士地铁都在近此。 Geomacy 地理位置佳 和屋外四周: strategic block frontal Northern facing rear Southern view 向南北 facing block, main door faces East 大门面朝正东, front of block faces private estate, back-end laundry by kitchen area opens to spacious open greenery of adjacent community park 后方向大草场 空气新鲜畅通, good natural light luminance 自然光线充足 for most hours of the day, comfortable constant flow of free-moving fresh air 退休休闲好环境, superb non dusty environment 怀胎九月好环境。 Mature Estate North-east of SG 成熟老区: central / highly accessible 家喻户晓 出入方便 / 万事方便 环境顺畅 便利自如,convenience in all aspects of life for family dependants with aged or children 老少咸宜, Positive orientation & positive energies 好方向,室气佳。 *** Interested parties can private message to enquire and arrange for a viewing of premises *** 欢迎有意者安排参观考虑购买心宜安乐卧。 Blk 216 is blessed 特优享有多像 to be surrounded by variegated facilities and ample amenities: 设施繁多,随意选择,吃喝玩乐的都琳琅满目,休闲购物随时可宠宠自己。 Comfortably laid-back serene environment: - Serangoon Community Park 公共操场 (behind block just a stone's throw away): brisk walks, jogs, elderly exercises, open field for child's wildest escape 孩儿的快乐天堂,合家健全安慷享福。 - Serangoon Stadium 体育场 (accessible by pedestrian overhead bridge): run for rejuvenation & absorbing good air for regeneration of positive energies 跑步游泳散心解压快速补充正能量。 - Serangoon Swimming Complex 游泳池 (a breeze walk by foot across pelican crossing): unwind, de-stress by the waters 娱乐活动合心合义,随时乐融融。 - Environment is enveloped by embrace of soothing winds Gastronomy scene: countless well-known eating establishments: satisfying every foodie's taste buds: - Widest range of delectable offers at Hawker Centres 小饭中心 / old-school hawker-fares at Food Courts 食阁 to pamper bellies (be spoilt for choice from neighbouring coffee shops to dining options at NEX (walking distance) to local foodfare 本土美食 via slow drive to famous ChompChomp), quaint cafes, trendiest concept eateries [ http://sethlui.com/best-food-eat-serangoon-kovan/] [http://sethlui.com/best-food-eat-serangoon-kovan/] Other daily essentials: - Braddell Heights Community Club 联络所 (conveniently within reach): pick up simple skills through CC vibrant activities - Grocery 日常用品 at nearby Serangoon wet market for freshest produce, Giant for discounted stuffs, ColdStorage (NEX) for quality finest imports, Xtra FairPrice (NEX) the neighbourhood emporium - Singapore Central Post Office 邮政局 in vicinity - Banks 银行: UOB, DBS/POSB, OCBC, Standard Chartered, MayBank Trusty Public Transport 交通 & Expressways 快速桥梁: - CC13 Serangoon MRT Orange Line – 0.86km (Circle Line CCL): smooth cruises on all rides always 循环线 - NE12 Serangoon MRT Purple Line – 0.88km (North East Line, NEL): 南北线 seldom breakdown - Serangoon Bus Interchange (on NEX) – 0.91km 巴士转换站 - Central Expressway (CTE) nearest, Seletar Expressway (SLE) & Tampines Expressway (TPE) are next nearest 高速公路 Schools 学府 within 1 km: Zhonghua Primary School & CHIJ Our lady of Good Counsel Schools 优良教育近在此地 within 2 km 中小学 Maris Stella High (boys) School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School (Primary), Rosyth School, St. Gabriel’s Primary & Secondary School (boys), XingHua Primary & Secondary School, Xinmin Primary School, Xinmin Secondary School, YangZheng Primary School, Bowen Secondary School, Nanyang Junior College 初院 Feng Shui 风水良机: Serangoon Central has the one and only white crane 白鹤搌翅 stretching its wings formation in Singapore. As a precious bird, the crane is the fairy in the bird family, and is often featured in fairytales carrying a deity on its back. Riding a crane is as prestigious as travelling in an expensive car. 鹤鸟积息地 Cranes are graceful 高雅 and independent 独立, so a crane land is considered as exquisite land. Residents of the crane land should set big goals 梦想远大 in order to be outstanding 鹤中之群 初类拔萃. A crane is also a symbol of longevity 长寿健美, and this is especially so for women living on a crane land. For men, the crane land will benefit career development 有利事业发展. A crane land benefits those in fields like design, religion, culture, advertising, furniture, communication and transport. With the support of the crane land, businessmen 生意人为佳 should set up branches of franchises overseas 宜海外扩充发展. If the children's school results are good and the parents can afford it, the children should be sent overseas to further their studies 学徒可望海外深照. Cranes are precious creatures, hence married women living here should try to give birth to more children 已婚夫妻有利多子多福,多乐多旺气 ,多缘机多贵人 as these children will eventually benefit from this crane land 孩儿可从中大大获宜。 [ http://aaron-fengshui.blogspot.sg ] *** Interested parties can private message or reach 91234324 to enquire (7-9pm only ) and arrange for a viewing of premises (Sundays after 3pm only)*** 礼拜天,三时后方便*** 如有兴趣参观和考虑比区本屋,可别犹豫,可别错失良机,赶紧快速联络本人,多些了解,有意者都欢迎来电 91234324询问。 百读不如身入比环境亲身体会上述所说 。 https://stackedhomes.com/216-serangoon-avenue-4-1044

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