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Condition: New LP: Mint Cover: Mint Genre: Chinese Opera Record Label: Rhymoi Music Record Code: RMLP-017 Record Size: 12" Release Year: 2014 Duration: 1 LP Country/Region of Manufacture: China / Germany Tracklist A1,普庵咒:琴 / 鼓 Incantation of the Monk Pu'an A2,疾風(即興):琴 / 笛 Strong Wind (Improvisation) A3, 幽思(即興):琴 / 塤 / 鼓 Thoughts on things remote (Improvisation) A4,臥龍吟 Wolong Yin (Wolong Impromptu) A5,唐風(即興):琴 / 鼓 A Breeze from the Tang Dynasty (Iimprovisation) B1, 禪鐘(即興):琴 / 鼓 Zen Bell (Improvisation) B2, 醉漁唱晚:琴 Evening Song of the Drunken Fisherman B3,秋露(即興):琴 / 簫 / 鼓 Autumn Dew (Improvisation) B4,酒狂:琴 / 鼓 Drunken Madness B5,龍翔操:琴 The Soaring Dragon

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