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天然墨西哥蓝珀108粒项链/三圈手链 8mm Natural Blue Amber necklace / 3 rounds bracelet (附带AIJC美国国际珠宝鉴定证书 with jewelry appraisal certificate)


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蓝珀,是一个统称,是指在紫外线以外的光线下呈现金色、绿色、蓝绿色、天空蓝、蓝紫等多种颜色的琥珀品种。“蓝珀”特指产地为多米尼加共和国与墨西哥的琥珀。琥珀的比重只有1.05-1.08,是世界上最轻的宝石。玲珑轻巧,触感温润美丽,斑驳的纹理隐隐诉说着千万年前那一场惊心动魄的蜕变历程。那么,蓝珀有什么功效与作用呢? 蓝珀的功效与作用  1、镇痛止痛。早在罗马古代战争时期,蓝珀就被利用于疾病治疗,将其碾成粉末涂抹于伤口,能够有效的镇痛止痛。  2、缓解疲劳。蓝珀颜色的光泽,质地的柔美,是它本身带有的磁场能够帮助人体放松大脑缓解紧张,缓冲压力,减少疲劳。  3、安神镇惊。蓝珀光泽柔和,色彩宁静,它本身的磁场能够作用于人体,放松人脑紧张,缓解压力,还能安神镇惊。  4、吸收辐射。蓝珀具有静电作用,能够吸收辐射,缓解辐射带来的病症,特别适用于白领以及经常面对电脑工作的人,是电脑族的首选防辐射必备品之一。  5、有助睡眠。蓝珀具有沉睡的灵性,可以帮助人快速入眠,缓解失眠症状,减少失眠带来的痛苦。而且,佩戴时间长了,蓝珀也具有人的灵性。当你身体健康时,它晶莹通透,色泽亮丽,质地温润,所以根据佩戴蓝珀的时间和蓝珀呈现的剔透色泽就可以看出一个人的身体健康状况。 Here is your chance to own a rare Blue Amber Crystal Bracelet today! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Blue Amber is a rare variety of amber resin that exhibits a blue coloration, found only in the Dominican Republic This golden yellow resin is highly protective against any type of negativity, and is known to be one of the better natural crystals to use for protection from psychic attack. These golden yellow stones will help to relieve stress and anxiety and may also help to clear depression. They may aid the emotions, and by releasing negativity will balance the emotions as they clear the mind and eases stress, one of the more endemic problems in today's society. For meditation, Amber is ideal for cleansing and reactivating the chakras, particularly the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. After knowing the benefits of wearing a blue amber and if you wish to own one. You might like to PM me This blue amber comes with a authenticity certificate 😎 Blue Amber Crystal 🌟 Rare Crystal from the Dominican Republic 🌟 Highly protective against any type of negativity 🌟 Protection from psychic attack. 🌟 Bestows good luck and happiness 🌟 Grounds higher and mental energies 🌟 Empower Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. 🌟 Ability to absorb pain and negative energy 🌟 Helps with joint problems and enhances healing of wounds。

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