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天猫精灵 X1 - Tmall Genie X1 Voice-Activated smart speaker [CNY - Red Edition]







天猫精灵 X1 - Tmall Genie X1 Voice-Activated smart speaker [CNY - Red Edition] Similar to Amazon Echo, Echo Dot in terms of functions. - Catered to the Chinese markets as it's programmed to response to voice commands given in Mandarin! - Over a million Tianmao Jinling X1 sold on China's November 11 2017 "Singles Day" online shopping spree alone! Refer to image 2 for specifications - Brand new and red colour. Brief Description of Tmall Genie: Tmall Genie, which not only looks a bit like an Amazon Echo, it also works a lot like an Amazon Echo. It’s an always-listening speaker that starts working when you say a keyword. You can use it to : - stream specific Chinese music or songs, - get news and weather updates, - automation and control of smart home products using “broadlink” smart sockets etc or - interact with third-party apps called “magic skills” similarly to Alexa’s skills in echo dot. - and yes, it works fine in Singapore without the geographical restrictions imposed as compared to an echo. The speaker’s sound output is better than an echo dot and comparable to a full size 2nd generation Echo. Google for more info. The speaker measures about 5″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″ and weighs 14 ounces. It supports WiFi and Bluetooth, uses the AliGenie voice assistant software, and has a mic array system for picking up your voice from across a room. There’s a mute button on top for when you don’t want the device to listen, volume buttons, and LED lights that make the bottom glow when the Tmall Genie is in action. Specification in Chinese: 品牌名称:天猫精灵 产品参数: 供电方式: 电源连接线 功能: 语音互动 语音提示 品牌: 天猫精灵 型号: X1 外壳材质: 细腻网布加手感喷涂 操作系统: AliGenie语音助手 生产企业: 浙江天猫供应链管理有限公司 蓝牙版本: 4.0 语言助手系统: 阿里智能 连接方式: Wi-Fi连接 蓝牙连接 音箱调节方式: 触控 麦克风阵列: 6 颜色分类: 红色(现货)  To save time. No negotiation! Straight block. Self collect. Pm for location.


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2019 May

Quick and smooth transaction! No hassle at all, item was as promised.