(Note No.: SG50 060686)Blue Serial, 'SG50' Prefix Numismatic Notes. Worldwide 50K set only


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- Note No.: SG50 060686 - Lower baller will be ignored - Meet-Up at Pasir Ris MRT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SG50 Numismatic $50 Notes ----------------------------------------------- * Different from the normal commemorative SG50 notes * Limited Edition: Only 50,000 set worldwide * worth collecting * (compare to 6,000,000 set for normal SG50 commemorative notes) * "SG50"-prefix serial number * Blue vertical serial number * Legal Tender * Mint condition in the folder * Come with special edition gift bag What will you get? ------------------------------ 1. SG50 Numismatic $50 Notes 2. SG50 Numismatic Folder 3. SG50 Numismatic Gift Bag

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