🆓📩BIOS CMOS Battery For Laptop OR Desktop Notebook OR PC Computer Motherboard Date Time Setting Startup


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Selling 2 wired 2 pins BIOS CMOS battery Suit IBM/ThinkPad X31 X32 T30 T40 T41 T42 T43 R50 R51 R52 T60 T61R60 R61 T400 T500 Not for :IBM R30 R31 R32 R40 R40E X40 X41 X60 X61 - required 3 pins/holes Free postage Buyer can receive in 2 to 3 working days Order 1 at S$10 (meet up@safra tamp or +$1 normal mail) or 2 at S$17 with free local normal mail 😄Best buy 2😊 Photo evidence of (1) the item and your address on envolope (2) the address envolope insert into post box Buy as spares - it typically last about 2 years check your connector before you order 😀Need not ask if it is available😀 🔴Always available.. else it would be removed Deal at 1) Tampines West CC / Safra Tampines or 2) Tampines MRT (+$1) 3) by register mail(+$4) 4) free normal mail postage if buy 2. Photos of the "posting" will be provided Payment if via postage 💲🏧💻 POSB/DBS ATM or ibanking fund trnsfr 💲☎ Mobile Wallet, Dash! 🔝💲 via SingTel bill, 7-Eleven stores, AXS stations, SingTel shops, Cheers or Fairprice Xpress outlets (u hv to photo receipt) *For 👥 don't hv bank acct

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bus stop opposite Tampjnes Safra ( there is a car park behind)

Mailing or Delivery

courier to your home ( video of physical appearance & testing will be send) just add $3 - Save time and convience. But you have to be comfortable by listing areas to test in the recording..