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(Blessed!) 🆕 Free! ORMCO Z-pak elastics (Rabbit) Intraoral Elastics #AllForFree


11 months ago by busy_girl






• Important! These elastic bands / interoral elastics are only for people who already have dental braces. I'm just giving this out to those who have further use for them. • They are not meant for you if you do not have braces or not visiting a dentist. Please *do not* D.I.Y. (Do it yourself). Specialist's treatment and guidance are required for their correct use! • If you are clueless on what they are supposed to do, please see photo # 4 which it is labelled "Orthodontic Intraoral Elastic" for your education. I don't want to screw up anyone's teeth who is not already consulting a dentist. So sorry, these are not for you. (This photo was sourced from • Received this pack from my dentist exactly two months ago (June 2017). • Can be considered brand new and unused. The remaining intraoral elastics in the original resealable bag have never been touched. • I usually tap out only the two elastics I need onto my palm rather than picking them up from inside the bag. So not for a fussy or fastidious person. • Giving out extra packs as I have loads of them! (^_^') A waste to throw them away. • Size: Med./Heavy • Strength: 3.5 oz/100 g • Dimensions/Measurements: 3/16" 4.76 mm • Type: Rabbit (as shown in picture # 1) • Code: 630-0031 • From a home free from smoke (cigarettes) and pets. Currently stored in its original resealable bag inside my first aid kit. • What do I expect in return? Just pay for registered mail and exchange positive feedback. I am a newbie here and would like as much help I can get from buyers. • Why not use the cheaper normal mail? I'm protecting myself from potential "creeps" who always make allegations of "vanishing" mail, especially if it is not registered. • Where do I do meet-ups for this? Only at Tanjong Pagar on weekdays, except public holidays @ 12:30pm or 6:20pm. • Caveat Emptor I'm not your average XMM (小妹妹). If you want to make an a*s of yourself because I'm giving this out for free, I have the right to tell you to go and fly a kite! ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐ • I will delete this post if it remains unwanted after a few months. You know, latex will turn brown after sometime and I don't want to cause anyone any problem. Tags: AllForFree, free sia, freebie, just pay for registered post, am I crazy for doing this



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Only at Tanjong Pagar on weekdays, except public holidays @ 12:30pm or 6:20pm.


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• Add S$2.84 for registered postage. Envelope and packing will be free of charge. It'll probably be more worthwhile to do "meet-up" at your convenience if this works out to be too expensive for you. • Registered post takes between 3 to 4 working days for item to be delivered it to you.


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