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🇯🇵 Made in Japan 🇯🇵 (Translation by Google) ★ ☆ ★   Lenovo "ThinkPad X1 Yoga" Screen Protective Sheet for repairing scratches on the surface of the seat corresponding to!  Scratch repair & fingerprint type OverLay Magic (overlay magic)!  Dirty and scratched on the LCD screen, it protects firmly from dust.  It also repairs the scratches on the surface of the sheet caused by scraping, making it less noticeable.  Fingerprint resistance and high transmittance are also attractive. ★ ★ ★ ★ Scratch repair function!  Do you not have scratches on your everyday use before you notice it?  "OverLay Magic (Overlay Magic)" has a scratch repair function that restores abrasions on the surface of the seat naturally. With scratch repair function, it self-restores scratches over time and makes it less noticeable, so you can keep a beautiful state anytime. Applicable model Not only the liquid crystal screen of the main body but also the scratched sheet body can be used without worrying about it.  * The self-repairability test was made 10 reciprocations with a brass wire brush with 300 g load applied, and scratch repairability was confirmed by visual inspection.  * Scratches that scrape excessively on the LCD screen protection sheet can not be repaired.  * Scratch repair function makes scratch less conspicuous. Not all scratches are completely repaired.  ★ The fingerprint is not noticeable!  We use a special material that fingerprints are inconspicuous.  Therefore, you can enjoy the touch panel without worrying about fingerprint dirt.  Also, we adopt anti-fingerprint coating which can easily wipe fingerprints attached.  ★ Boasts high light transmittance!  91. It boasts a high light transmittance of 9%, and it is a protective sheet with high repeatability of liquid crystal after pasting.  The haze value is low, and the reflection is also reduced.  ★ Self-absorption type protective seat!  Since it is a self-absorption type, double-sided tape and adhesive are not necessary for pasting, it can be easily pasted.  Adopted a slightly stiffer sheet cut to just size according to the LCD screen.  You can use it with confidence because it will protect from scratches and dirt firmly to every corner.  ■ Compatible models Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga  ■ Description 1 sheet of liquid crystal screen protection sheet ※ 1 sheet of LCD screen protection sheet.  ※ This product will be warranted only for initial malfunction.  ※ We have summarized the caution points when purchasing the LCD protection sheet. Have a look at this.  * Scratches that scrape excessively on the LCD screen protection sheet can not be repaired.  * Scratch repair function makes scratch less conspicuous. It is not intended to completely repair all scratches.  ※ The color tone of the picture may differ from the actual product depending on the model and setting of your monitor.  ※ Specifications of products are subject to change without prior notice. Please note.

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