🌟High Quality BN Heavy Duty Music Stand With Bag🌟Discount Of $1 For Every Subsequent Purchase Of Every Heavy Duty Music Stand👍


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Delivery via Qxpress costs additional $4. This music stand holds sheet music and scores in a position that is comfortable for the performer to read it while performing. Can be used for wedding photos display or presentation stands :) It is very stable and strong with a thick board. Can put laptop on it too! There are alot of cheap music stand boards out there which are thin and flimsy are very susceptible to dents and bending too. Some of which are not safe for your laptop!😵 Even though we use thick boards, it can last for a really long time! Thick strong tripod legs to give you stability on any kind of ground! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Made of durable steel Fully adjustable height angle and stand Non-slip rubber feet for extra stabililty , prevent it from getting damaged. Colour: Black Board: 50cm x 35cm Height: 75cm - 155cm Weight 2.4kg Item comes with Music Bag. Bag are priced at $3 each. Without the bag, it will cost $24. :) PM us for more info and make arrangements :) #Music Stand #Music Stands #MusicStand #MusicStands