🌶🌶[LINE Let's Get Rich] ULTIMATE MASTER account #1


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Undergoing price revision! PLEASE STATE YOUR OFFER FOR THIS ACCOUNT, NOTHNG LOWER THAN 150 ✨CURRENT LOWEST OFFER: $170 CURRENT DIAMOND VALUE: ROUNDED UP TO 1K Estimated amount invested in game account: ~1.5k SGD 👤CURRENT INTEREST: 7 ‼️REFER TO LINK IN BIO ON OUR PURCHASE/SELLING SEQUENCE, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD OUR T&C💌 🌼AN AVERAGE TRANSACTION MAY TAKE UP TO 1.5HOUR(MAX)🌼 • to prevent data loss • Ensure that previous account holder's access is revoked • all details of previous account holder removed • ACCOUNT QUALITY CHECK* • SECURITY CHECK* ‼️This is SO that GAMEPIXIE has done our part in ensuring that we followed our STANDARD PROCEDURE to prevent any unwanted problems. ‼️Do NOT rush the admin as you might affect our concentration and we might miss out certain things, we will be SURE to stay online on our LINE/KaKao to keep you updated. Tags: Game , line , line get rich , let's get rich , netmarble , modoo marble, dice, account , pro , master , monopoly , gaming , virtual, clash of clan, iphone, app, app games, app purchase, diamonds, gold