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1 BOX $24 2 BOXES $42 We all want really white teeth but not all of us can afford to get it done by a professional or are afraid of trying those Kits being sold online and instores that use different chemicals and lights to whiten teeth. With this easy to use product imported from the United Kingdom, you can now have really white teeth with just simple brushing using this product! 🌺Most are RESULTS IN 3 DAYS!!🌺 🌷Organic 🌷made of charcoal and coconut 🌷no harmful chemicals 🌷gentle on the teeth 🌷easy to use 🌷100% natural 🌷vegan friendly ! 🌷minty fresh breath WORKS IN JUST 2 MINUTES! There's no need for you to walk around with that led light in your mouth, unable to talk for 45 mins just to get those whiter teeth! This charcoal coconut teeth whitening powder toothpaste will allow you to get white teeth without disrupting your daily activities !!! Groomarang Activated Charcoal And Coconut Shell Powder Our New Innovative Teeth Whitening Solution Is Unlike Any Seen Before, Combining Essential Natural Ingredients Blended With A Refreshing Mint Orange Flavouring 100% NATURAL & VEGAN FRIENDLY At Groomarang we provide high quality , safe and effective products, all at the lowest market price. The teeth whitening power is NON Synthetic, uses NO Chemicals and is vegan friendly HOW IT WORKS It has been adapted from a ancient old remedy. Activated charcoal has been used throughout the centuries to treat people who have accidentally ingested poison - with its porous surface, it attaches to toxins and impurities in the body to draw them out. It works in just the same way on plaque, tannins and stains on teeth, safely and efficiently lifting these off. 
Helping to clear your teeth of any marks, and brightening up your smile! 100% SAFE TO USE This Teeth Whitening Powder is made with premium finely ground food grade activated charcoal, ideal for dental use, providing essential minerals to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation, reduce stains and provide a refreshing taste. Suitable for everyone , including people with sensitive teeth and gums. CONTENTS : 50g Volume Tin which contains approximately 30g of Charcoal Powder 💓💓💓FREE NORMAL MAIL 💓💓💓 Type: Others

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