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💜 Hello fellow SG ARMYs! I have set up a Carousell account in hopes of finding reasonably priced merch of the boys and to trade! 💜 ✨ Unfortunately, I've realised the steep difference in the Maknae and Hyung Line, and the terrible inflation of BTS Merchandise, even amongst ARMYs, and I wish to make a difference about this! I will offer all my BTS merch, no matter Hyung or Maknae, for a price difference of no more than $5, and in some cases, equal pricing! All other BTS merch will also be, hopefully, reasonably priced! ✨ ❗Resellers, unreasonable dealers, OT6 and solo stans, leave quietly, I do not entertain you here. I have made an effort to offer prices lower than the market price so genuine ARMYs can obtain merch to treasure like I wish to obtain too, without having to pay ridiculous prices from you. ❗ 💜💜 General T&C 💜💜 🌸 For certain merchandise, like POs(Albums, etc) and expensive tour merch (More than $20 in total), they require a MINIMUM 50% deposit. ✨PayLah, PayNow, Bank Transfer, & Cash Deposit are available as of now. DM me if you are unable to do so due to personal reasons. ✨ Failure to pay after a certain timing of your confirmation message will result in your order being 🙅‍♀️ VOID 🙅‍♀️ ✨ Remaining amount can be paid via COD or the above methods mentioned after the initial 48 hours. 🌸 Otherwise, for merchandise and deals that cost less than $20 in total, I am willing to accept COD! 💜 Meet-up locations can be discussed, but will subject to my availability and schedule! Preferably in the West but anywhere farther can hopefully be discussed! 📝NOTE: ❗If I say No Negotiation Allowed, please DO NOT negotiate with me for a cheaper price/bribe me with more money to sell a reserved item to you instead. ❗DO NOT BACKOUT! Once I confirm and reserve your slot, please do not backout as this is very unfair to me and the potential hopeful buyers that I had to turn down. ❗If I state a timing in which you have to pay up, PLEASE ABIDE to the timing. ❗If you go MIA, do note that I CAN REPORT YOU. ❗Obey all other T&Cs stated in their respective listings **Side Note: Do read EVERYTHING in my description before ctb-ing me! ‼️NOT DOING SO WILL RESULT IN 🙅‍♀️ BLACKLIST & NO RETURNING OF DEPOSIT IF APPLICABLE 🙅‍♀️ ‼️ ‼️🙅‍♀️ BLACKLIST 🙅‍♀️‼️ - 💜 Feel free to ctb if you wanna be friends or clear things with me and I hope you will enjoy dealing with me! 💜

7 months ago In K-Wave

Listed by agcalcium


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2019 May

Really like working with you and wouldn't mind doing the same in the future :)