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🌼Tarot reading service🌼







⭐️Feel free to message, I’m always here to arrange a slot⭐️ 🌼I do not charge by time. Even if the session takes 1 hour/question, it’s still $7 unless extra cards are involved. ❣️❣️If you do not believe in tarot then don’t message me. My interpretations may not be satisfactory to you but I am just conveying the message my cards want to let you know in regards to your question, no sugarcoating. I did not force you to engage in my service. 🌸Introduction🌸 I am a relatively new reader that’s trying to bond with my deck and deepen my knowledge in tarot. I only require your honest feedback with a small fee ($7/question) in return. Readings will be done online, payment must be in first before I start any reading. Thank you 😊 Paylah/paynow/bank transfer are accepted. 🌸Reading style🌸 Will be doing simple spreads that I come up with according to your question, number of cards drawn is determined by me (1-5 cards). This is according to what I deem most suitable for your question. I do advice based tarot, meaning I will ask the cards for advice to your situation rather than giving definite yes/no answers due to free will. Anything can change based on the decisions you make. 🔺I usually do not do yes/no tarot 🔺I will only read into the next 3 months due to free will. (Nothing beyond 3 months, when will something happen exactly etc). 🔺If interpretation is not clear, you can ask me to clarify the drawn cards and I will try my best to explain it in a way that relates to you. This is no charge. 🔺Chargeable: you ask me another question after the initial question (follow up question, $4/question. Its a brand new reading, 1-5 card still apply), me pulling another card to clarify the current question further at your request ($2/card) 🌸Deck personality🌸 My deck reads relationships well (so far). I can try others but I won’t read health, finance and death. ❣️Note: There are instances whereby my deck refuses to give definite answers (e.g Will I get this job? Neutral outcome) but will give advice instead. It has happened a few times before and it’s not up to me. I am not responsible for this. If you’re interested, do message me with: - your name/initials - your question (preferably not yes/no, more open ended. If I think the question is not well framed, I will rephrase the question and pose it back to you first to see whether it’s ok with you before drawing the cards.) - a little context to your issue/concern I look forward to working with you 🙂

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Readings will be done online

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2019 Aug

Very friendly seller! Readings are accurate!! Like it rly depicts my current situation and all accurately 😭 Thank you!