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🍋LIMITED EDITION🍋 ◆JULY 2017: AUTHENTIC & BRAND NEW◆ *RESTOCK MONTHLY* Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control (60ml) (FRESH & LATEST MANUFACTURED date=Active Ingredients) No expose to Air. No Pet No Smoker Clean Hse


1 year ago by xiaoahgal






💥 USE SAME TIME AS JAPAN LAUNCHED!!💥 🍋JULY 2017 - LIMITED EDITION!!🍋 ❤🐰❤ ➡ "There’s something about the phrase “limited edition” that makes everyone excited and frustrated at the same time. It is usually a product produced in limited quantity, packaged or marketed in a way that is extremely hard to resist buying one. Jill Stuart is well known for their exquisite quality, princessy packaging targeted at the dainty ladies. To add on to our uncontrollable desire to buy all these pretty things, they have launched limited edition items and colours that are available for a short time only. Collect them now or regret later!!!" ❤🐰❤ 🎀JILL STUART Limited edition Fruit & Aroma Mist Refresh Oil Control🎀 < Astringent Lotion > 🐰💨 Xiaoahgal will choose the Fastest route once items is out from boutique as it needs to be FRESH when reaches my regulars' place. 🐰💨 Not to worry, buyers get BRAND NEW IN BOX,not expose to air 🍋 60mL Each 🍋 Limited Edition scent 🍋 The blessings of fruit resolve even pore concerns. 🍋 Mist lotion that maintains silky smooth skin. 🍋 PRODUCT FEATURES 🍋 ・A mist lotion packed with the blessings of fruit, providing a spreading feeling of fresh comfort. A delicate mist shower gently, evenly envelops your entire face, delivering moisture across all of your skin. ・Formulated with a delicate powder derived from amino acids. Maintains silky smooth skin and the balance of moisture. Furthermore, reduces stickiness due to sweat and skin lipids, preventing patches of shininess and makeup slippage. ・Also formulated with ingredients that both provide a cool sensation and help to maintain it, providing a comfortably cool sensation that lasts even during the hottest days of summer. ・Formulated with Hamamelis leaf extract (moisturizer). Tightens skin even with pore concerns, making skin healthy and clear. ・Refreshing Fresh Fruit Cocktail Fragrance. 🍋 DIRECTIONS FOR USE 🍋 ・Use approximately 10 - 20cm away from your face. Close your eyes and mouth and spray directly onto your skin, then gently press with the palm of your hand. ・Can be used over the top of makeup. 🍋 BEAUTY ESSENCES 🍋 Moisturizers: Kiwi extract, Starfruit extract, Camu camu extract, Hamamelis leaf extract, DPG Cool sensation ingredients Cool sensation maintenance ingredients - *Starfruit extract is Averrhoa leaf extract, Camu camu extract is Myrciaria dubia fruit extract, cool sensation ingredient is Menthol and cool sensation maintenance ingredient is methyl lactate. *Allergen tested. This does not guarantee that allergies will not occur in all individuals. *Non-comedogenic tested. This does not guarantee that comedo (the source of acne) will not occur in all individuals. ----------------------------------🐰🐰🐰 🐰 says: "These LIMITED EDITION are out only this period of time in Summer and it is really cooling when the mist is spread on face before make up as a primer or before touch up 🐰😍" 🐰 My colors i bought together with my monthly supplies of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc may not be the same u like for example: blusher or foundation (tone, etc) I can allow u if u have trouble getting Jill Stuart products; to tap on my monthly fresh shipping. I use ways to get FRESH Products each month. Not to worry, your Jill Stuart products will be FRESH too, BEST EFFECT on your skin too. 👍 ❤ NOTE ❤ I am a Singaporean girl who fall in ♥ using almost every Jillstuart product for nearly 4 years. From Shampoo, hair mist, perfume & foot scrub, etc. The princess-like packaging & quality is worth the pricing. SG do not have this brand, which is a headache. 😣 If you like Jill Stuart & have prob buying too, I can help by letting u tap on my shipping as goodwill. My Jill Stuart products are ALL FRESH, BRAND NEW, AUTHENTIC from the boutiques. As I replenish them 1 TO 2 TIMES every month; as I need to use them everyday. 😊 💕 Pls understand that FAST DECISION is required. 💕 Decisive confirmation entitles BETTER PRICE based on goodwill too. PS: Thanks to a sweet lady who bought things from me & tell me to post my photos to show people that i using these products. But, my 30 empty bottles sold and extra perfumes sold? How to take them in whole picture? I try to take those I have now bah. 😘 Thank you v much! 🐰❤TALK TO XIAOAHGAL❤🐰

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