🍍(54.5mm) Old Mine Grade A Floral Green Jadeite Jade Bangle🍍


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Old Mine Natural Grade A Floral Green Jadeite Jade Bangle 手镯雕工精美,飘阳绿色,玉质细腻,纹裂较少,完美度很高的一个雕花玉 54.5 mm inner bangle diameter 13.5 mm width 9.7 mm Thickness 66.2 grams Faint Jade Lines. Burmese Jadeite Jade From Myanmar Item comes with box and NGI certificate For more Jadeite Jade items click on https://carousell.com/auspiciousjadeite For more Jadeite Jade Bangles, Earrings and Rings click on https://carousell.com/auspiciousjadeite2