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🌟夏天,没有比用冰爽沐浴露更清爽的了,这不急忙入手了安米娜冰爽沐浴露💠,挤一丁点,就好多泡泡,💭洗完澡澡,每处肌肤像吃了薄荷🌾一样,透心凉~~有了安米娜沐浴露,夏天再也不用怕了😄 It's no more refreshing than showering with Icy shower gel in the summer days! A little squeeze is enough to create a whole lot of bubbles that increases the effectiveness in removing impurities on body. Icy feeling from the addition of Mint and keeps cool for the rest of the summer! Please kindly pm if you're interested. Price : S$32