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πŸ‘‰ Terms And Conditions - Pls Read Before You Enquire / Place Your Orders! πŸ‘ˆ


1 year ago by leamour




Ok, so I've decided to come up with this terms and conditions listing even though every listing did stated my terms and conditions but some people still doesn't know that the listing description is there for a reason! 1) Everything on my list is on preorder basis with minimum waiting time, unless I stated (INSTOCKS) on my title! But as long as the title has the word (PO) means it's a preorder! Every item has their minimum estimated time of arrival (ETA) after I've received full payment, so order only if you can wait! Note: NO refund / exchange unless item is out of stock or if item has manufacturing defect. But usually I will check the item and send you a pic of the item before I even mail it out, so I'm not liable for any lost / damaged normal mails caused by postman's negligence but your item will be well wrapped and protected to ensure it reaches you safely. If possible, pls opt for registered mail. 2) I do not carry instocks for majority of my items because I'm doing preorders for a reason, so unless I stated (INSTOCKS) means I don't have instocks! Again, pls refer to point #1. 3) If I stated that item is *AUTHENTIC* means it is REALLY authentic. Example: Swarovski Crystal Double Ring. There will be a Swarovski tag for every ring that you can verify at to prove it's authenticity after you've received the item if not DOUBLE the refund! Don't judge the price and think it's inspired until YOU double check at the website. I have sold more than 10 of this every month and all my customers are satisfied with their orders. To prove my point: search for Swarovski Crystal Double Ring in my listing search bar and swipe to the last image for my previous customers' feedbacks. 4) Yes, I do meetups ONLY at my convenience! I'm doing volunteer work every Mon to Sat evening either at town or CBD areas. When you order / purchase something from me, you have to accommodate to my place of convenience. If it's inconvenient, kindly self collect at my place (address stated on bio) or opt for postage. That'll be the best for both of us. 5) Do not ask me if I accept COD or if you're able to pay only when item arrives. Answer is no, you must make full payment through POSB or UOB ibanking / ATM bank transfer before I place your orders. This is to prevent anyone from backing out or MIA-ing when item arrives. Although it didn't happened to me before because I have never allowed COD or payment later for preorder items, but it happened to other sellers. 6) If you do not have a bank account to transfer the payment to me, no worries! I can meet you at my place of convenience / you can pass the cash to your friend and get him / her to transfer to me on your behalf. I do not accept concealed cash. If uncomfortable, feel free to pass as I'm ok with it because I won't force you / have any hard feelings like some other sellers. 7) "Make an Offer" only after you've enquired and have confirmed that you WILL be purchasing / ordering. I do not wish to leave anymore negative feedbacks for people who backed out / abused the button because it's a waste of time on these people. But then again, I will not hesitate to report your account to Carousell admin, leave a negative feedback on your wall and block you after that if you still insist to do what I hate the most. πŸ‘Ž 8) Do not bother asking me to leave down my IC number so that you can trust me because I won't give out my personal details. IC number is a very private thing, because with IC number people can use it to commit crimes or even find out about your private life. I'm here to do business, not to let people do research on my private life that is totally irrelevant to my business. The only assurance I can give is my contact number. Plus, bank account number is under my name. If I want to scam, I believe I won't be so stupid to use my own personal account or meet you personally to collect cash payment (if you don't have a bank account) right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 9) READ ALL MY POSITIVE FEEDBACKS should you have any doubts before you place your orders with me. That is what the entire feedback system is for, to access credibility before placing your orders. If you still can't trust me after reading all the positive feedbacks, then probably you should be shopping at the retail stores and not online anymore. I strive my very best to serve all my customers and make sure all of them walk away happily. 10) Pls feel free to leave a feedback for me once you've received your parcels from me. 33 other customers didn't bothered to leave their feedbacks previously, but I strongly urge all those whom have transacted with me / will be transacting with me in future to leave a feedback as every feedback matters. I will only return your feedback if you've written for me first, if not I won't be leaving any for you too. By ordering any items from me, it means that you have agreed to abide by my terms and conditions. I reserve the rights to at any point of time, amend or change my terms and conditions without any prior notice. Thank you for taking the time to read till here, it's been hard on you to read a whole article of text! Have a blessed half a year ahead! 😎 LIKE & FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook - Shop With Leamour Instagram - shopwithleamour Tags: Terms & Conditions

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