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👍Splat, Juicy Natural toothpaste, Magic Oral Care Foam for babies n kids. Protection against tooth decay Watch this on hw to wash 👇 🌟Hypoallergenic, Safe if accidentally swallowed. Fluoride-free 🌟Learn while playing! Splat Kids products help children and their parents learn how to brush teeth in a fun way without problems. Oral care has never been so exciting! 🌟Splat Baby is an effective, 99.3% natural and safe to swallow baby toothpaste for total cavity protection. It strengthens tooth enamel, protects gums and reduces sensitivity during teething. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven. 🌟Splat Kids is an effective, 98% natural and safe to swallow children's toothpaste for total protection against tooth decay and intense strengthening of tooth enamel and gum care. 🌟Splat Kids products make brushing fun for children and teach them to brush teeth in an easy and funny way. Its effectiveness has been clinically proven. 👍LUCTATOL effectively protects against cavities and dental plaque. 👍Calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) effectively strengthens enamel. 👍Aloe Vera Gel, L‑Arginine and Red Grape seed extracts help to keep gums healthy. 👍L‑Arginine fosters blood circulation and normalises pressure. 👍Aloe Vera gel has an anti‑inflammatory effect. 👍Grapeseed extract effectively protects from caries, has an antibacterial and antioxidant effect. 👍Together with calcium‑containing agents they significantly reduce teeth hypersensitivity. 👍Calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) (contained in Apple-Banana toothpaste) intensively strengthens enamel. ✔No Mint, fluoride, ✔No parabens, SLS/SLES, triclosan, chlorhexidine, ✔No aggressive abrasives, synthetic dyes and fragrances, ✔No alcohol, peroxides, alcohol ethoxylates, saccharin, ✔No GMO, gluten, refined petroleum products and allergens. 🍒Over the lifetime, a person brushes her teeth about 57,000 times. This is why we have collected four unique flavours from childhood for gourmets and those with a sweet tooth - to break the monotony of daily routine procedures. Ice cream, peach, tutti-frutti, and chocolate will cheer up both the little ones and adults alike every time they brush their teeth. 🍍Juicy toothpaste deeply restores and strengthens dental tissues, effectively protects against cavities and soft dental plaque. 🧀Calcium hydroxyapatite (HAP) reaches the deepest, most damaged areas of tooth enamel, strengthens them, and seals them. 🍇LUCTATOL effectively protects against cavities and dental plaque. 🍑Aloe Vera gel has a moisturising and soothing effect, promoting healthy gums. 🍉It is recommended to use the toothpaste after a meal in the morning and the evening. We recommend using Splat Junior Magic Foam with LUCTATOL system in conjunction with the Juicy series toothpaste throughout the day. 🌟Benefits of Magic Oral Care Foam 🌟 Bioactive Calcis fosters enamel formation of baby teeth and saturates enamel with calcium. 🌟 A complex of unique milk enzymes (lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase) provides protection against bacteria, promotes healthy gums and contributes to oral immunity formation. 🌟The innovative LUCTATOL system (a combination of liquorice extract and milk enzymes) actively defends against Streptococcus mutans bacteria, reducing the risk of tooth decay and dental plaque build-up by 96%*. 🌟 Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate and creatine are natural anti-inflammatory components which relieve gums during painful teething. 🌟The foam is perfect for children who suffer from fluoride‑related contraindications. ❤1) Toothpaste for Kids, 0-3 years old Comes with silicon finger brush (40ml) A) Apple-Banana B) Vanilla ❤2) Toothpaste for Kids, 2-6 years old , (50ml) A) Fruit Ice Cream B) Strawberry-Cherry ❤3) Magic Oral Care Foam, (50ml) 1 for $9.50 2 for ($9 each) ❤3) Juicy Toothpaste for Children of All Ages (35ml) Intensively strengthening toothpaste A) Tutti-Fruitt B) Peach C) Chocolate D) Ice Cream 1 for $6.50 2 for ($6 each)

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