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💯AUTHENTIC ◽comes with papers 📦INSTOCK 💡expiry 2020 💡Aloe Vera stuborn black/white heads removal 💡If u hv stuborn black/white heads problem, can try this product! 💡Lifting gel for black/white heads 💡Best seller in Thailand and Vietnam 💡made from extracts of aloe vera,secure and guranteered 100% original with no harmful subtances 💡The Main Functions of this gel : ✔very effective in getting out black/white heads ✔get ride of dead skin cell ✔help regenerates of new skin cells ✔lighten skin ✔rejuvenates skin ✔killing bacteria caused by acne ✔cleaning skin of dirt that clog pores ✔can be used on the face for acne blackouts and kills bacteria 💡For steps and usage,pls refer to pic 3

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