💐YourStalkMarket - Copper Geometric Glass Ring Holder Jewellery Holder


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We are the largest supplier for geometric glass terrarium in Singapore (together with @Sellabrations our partner!) 12cm x 12cm Terrarium with a bed of artificial blooms as shown. Say "I do" with these unique ring holders which double up as a jewellery container after your big day! Or simply use this container to store a precious gift for someone you love - mum, Sister, Best Friend. High quality geometric terrarium, made of framed transparent glass. It is also stuitable for planting tropical plant varieties, such as mosses, orchids, ferns, and air plants. Recently, it is even popular for events styling and decoration! It is geometric, so it can be placed on any side down according to where it is put and what you are going to grow. Tags: geometric terrarium Singapore, terrarium decoration, rose gold terrarium, gold terrarium, candle holder, wedding ring holder, ring pillow, rustic wedding, outdoor wedding