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💘 brandy melville grabbags


1 month ago by ohno.






hi all! am selling some brandy melville grabbags to clear off my items as quick as possible! aleena tees and long sleeves are mainly used not more than thrice and some have DEFECTS that can be easily fixed while tanks and tubes are completely bn, so great deal here :-) js saying but these grabbags are rly rly rly worth as normally one aleena tees, tube or long sleeve is alrdy $30+ in store and tanks are around $20 so you're saving a ton + I'm giving off tons of freebies like aesthetic bm stickers so yayy hehe ALL ITEMS ARE AUTHENTIC BRANDY can let me know - your preferred cutting for tanks and tubes - your preferred color / design/ (if applicable) any graphic BUT NO GUARANTEES! mainly have aleenas, tanks, long sleeves and tubes $30 grabbag will include 2 tanks/tubes or 1 aleena and 1 tank/tube, you can lmk your preferences, comes w stickers (minimally 10 for each grabbag) oh and js a heads up but i would sell 10 stickers for $5 alrdy so 🤠 great deal hehehe $50 will definitely include 3 apparels of either a aleena, tank, long sleeves or tube and will include those w rarer graphics and stuff, will include lotsa stickers and a huge variety of them (15+ stickers and maybe even free accessories) oh and js anotha heads up but I would sell 15 stickers for like around $7 already and accessories cost like a few dollars each so,,,, whatcha waiting for keke $80 will include 5 apparels of either aleena, long sleeve, tube or tank (freaking good af deal) and mainly those w rare and high sought after graphics (means more ex too) and will give you a load of stickers (20+) and a few accessories!!!! the rtp for js two tees/tubes in store are alrdy $60+ and rtp for long sleeves can be around $40+ for one and last heads up, i would sell js 20 stickers for $10 and ++ accessories that cost a few dollars each so yeaa!!!!! payment methods : paylah, cod (but paylah is preferred hehe) collection methods : meetups, self collection also, - yes to sneak peeks - no last min backing out right when we meetup js bc you dl the items, I do my very best to adhere to every person's requests so please!!!!! hope to see yo offers and comin in 🤠🤟🏻 and sorry if this listing was so wordy LOL tags ulzzang tumblr factorie topshop brandy melville bm hm h&m bershka pull&bear yishion korean zara f21 forever 21 topshop factorie nike fila supreme thrasher adidas authentic inspired dress skirt tee top tumblr ulzzang skort denim shorts trousers overalls

brandy melville

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ghostinbloodlinesgracious and kind seller ! grabbag was extremely more
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